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Upgrade Guide

Step 1:

1. Remove the TF card from your device.

2. Insert your TF card into computer.

3. Format your TF card and ensure it is empty.


Step 2:

Login our website: http://member.obdstar.com/MemberEn/Register.html ; and click “A Key upgrade”

Step 3:

Download and install the “One Key upgrade”. You will see this software.

Step 4:

Open the “one key upgrade”. Input your username and password. Then select “End User” and click “Log in”.


Step 5:

Input your S/N.



Step 6:

Select all and click “Upgrade”.

Step 7:

Upgrade is completed.


Step 8:

Open your TF card. You will see these files.

Step 9:

Remove the TF card from the computer. Insert your TF card into the device.

Update succeeds! Thanks!