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(2nd Anniversary Sale) OBDSTAR X300 X-300 DP PAD Android System Key Master DP Full Version Immobilizer Odometer Reset EEPROM/PIC OBDII Diagnosis

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OBDStar Odometer Correction for Toyota and Benz Car Models List Update Online Soon
Fit for X300M,X300 Pro3 and X300 DP Pad.
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  obdstar-x300-dp-tablet-user-manual.pdf  (6,727.1K)
  obdstar-pad-register-guide.pdf  (710.9K)
  obdstar-pad-update-guide.pdf  (262.5K)
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(2nd Anniversary Sale) OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Android Tablet Basic Version Key Master Immobilizer Odometer Adjustment EEPROM/PIC OBDII Diagnosis
OBDSTAR X300 DP reaches a higher level in key programming and diagnosis, it is made with superior quality, owns powerful functions and covers a wide range of vehicles. Meanwhile, taking advantage of Android system, X300 DP integrates more application and service, such as Maintenance Database, remote assistant, and One Key Update etc.    More Details »
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OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD is the first tablet of OBDSTAR, which has reached a higher level in key programming and diagnosis. Inheriting from OBDSTAR professional auto programming and advanced diagnosing technology.OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD is characterized by covering wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful function, and providing superior quality. Meanwhile, taking advantage of Android system.OBDSTAR X300 DP integrates more application and service, such as Maintenance Database, remote assistant, and One Key Update etc.

OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD With Android System For Immobilizer+Mileage adjustment+EEPROM/PIC adapter +OBDII
Full Package ( add diagnostic function)

OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Highlights:

1.Android system is equipped with clear and user-friendly interface.
2.Diagnostic function strengthens professionalism in auto key programming.
3.Large amount of videos help users to operate it easily.
4.Maintenance database offers more powerful data.
5.Remote guide achieves zero distance between users and technicians.
6.Report center helps mutual improvement of terminal experience and technology.
7.Industrial design ensures that the tool works stably under tough environment, such as high or low temperatures.
8.Multi-language environment can be applied in different countries and areas.
9.Diesel Particulate Filter
10.Can support toyota G Chip with all key lost
11.Support Key programming no need pin code
12.Support Fuel Injector

13.VW new body system settings function.
14.Key Renew Software (only for X300 DP/Key Master DP)
.One key upgrade realizes with one click.

Language English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, language customization.

OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Function List(Full package):

  Read and clear fault codes;
  Clear key memory;
  Program keys, proximity keys, smart key, flip keys;
  Program after-market and OEM keys;
  Display live data;
  Component actuation;
  Read keys from immobilizer memory
  New ECU programming;
  New mechanical key number programming;
  Vehicle identification key programming;
  Reset ECU& Reset immobilizer;
  New remote controller programming;
  Immo PINCODE reader;
  Mileage adjustment via OBD;
  With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes;
  VCI diagnose
  One key upgrade via wifi
  Remote assistance
  Built-in repair video
  Report center
  EEPROM chip read and immobilizer initialization;
  EPB(Electric park brake);
  Oil/Service reset;
  Battery matching;
  SRS reset
  TPMS(low tire)reset
  Steering angle reset
  CVT learning/Value reset
  EEPROM/PIC adapter
Standard package: Immobilizer+mileage adjustment+EEPROM/PIC adapter +OBDII+basic diagnosis(engine+gearbox+ABS+SRS)


OBDSTAR Odometer Correction for Toyota and Benz Car Models List Update Online Soon

Fit for OBDStar X300M / X300 Pro3 / X300 DP Pad

BENZ Latest Software Version Newly Add Models:

C Series:W205
S Series:W222

Toyota Latest Software Version Newly Add Models:

    Auris: 2013/ 2015 D70F35xx/ 2016 D70F35xx
    Avensis:2013/ 2015 D70F35xx/ 2016 D70F35xx
    Corolla: 2013 NEC+24c16/ 2014/ 2015 D70F35xx/ 2016 D70F35xx
    TACOMA:2016 D70F35xx


OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Odometer Reset Update for Mercedes-Benz Models

 (Available to X300M/X300 DP Pad/X300 Pro3)

Vehicles Series Vehicles Models
1 A W169  W176
2 B W245  W246
3 C W204  W203(200704-)
4 E W211  W212  A207(E-CABRIO)
5 G W463
6 S W221  C216
7 ML W166
8 SL R231
9 CLA W117
10 CLK W209  C207 (E-COUPE)
11 CLS W218
12 GLK X204
13 SLK R171  R172
14 SLC R197

BENZ V30.18 Support List:

   GL Series:    X164
   ML Series:    W164
   R Series:      W251
     A Series:         W169
     B Series:        W245
     C Series:        W203(2007.04-)/W204
     CLK Series:   C207(E-COUPE)/W209
     CLS Series:   W218(2011-)
     E Series:         A207(E-CABRIO)/W211/W212
     G Series:        W463
     GL Series:      X164
     GLK Series:   X204
     ML Series:      W164
     R Series:         W251
     SLC Series:    R197
     SLK Series:    R171
     A Series:        W169/ W176
     B Series:        W245/ W246
     C Series:        W203(2007.04-)/W204
     CLA Series:   W117
     CLK Series:   C207(E-COUPE)/W209
     CLS Series:   W218(2011-)/ E Series/A207(E-CABRIO)/ W211/ W212
     G Series:        W463
     GL Series:      X164
     GLK Series:   X204
     ML Series:      W164/W166
     R Series:        W251
     S Series:        W221/ C216
     SL Series:      R231
     SLC Series:   R197
     SLK Series:   R171/ R172


OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Vehicle List:


There would be some difference to software in different countries. If need more specific information, pls feel free to contact us or our distributors in your area.


OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD New Adding Functions List:

MG Diagnosis: (only for X300 DP/Key Master DP)
     MG3/ MG3 Zero/ MG3 Zero (2013)
     MG5/ MG6/MG6 (2013)/ MG6 (2014)
     MG7 (2008)/ MG7 (2009)/ MG7-L/ MG GT (1.4T)
     MG GT (1.5VCT / 1.5T)/ MG GS/ MG3 EU/ MG6 EU
     MG6 EU DIESEL/ MG6 EU (2014)/ MG3 TT/ MG5/ MG6 TT/ MG6 TT (2015)
SPRINTER Diagnosis: (only for X300 DP/Key Master DP)
    Sprinter, Vaneo, Vario, Vito/ Viano/ V class models.
Chrysler Diagnosis: (only for X300 DP/Key Master DP).
    Hantone IMMO: X7 smart key system read key learning status, key matching, clear key function support.
   Ma Hengda added key matching function.
   Chrysler 2015 - Free Cheer optimized IMMO Password Reading function.
   VW Audi 4 generation A4 RB8 (2004-) added IMMO key matching function (support all lost).
   GM optimized IMMO English menu (Camaro -> Corvette).
   VW Audi A4 RB4 added IMMO key matching function (support all lost).
Mazda IMMO:
  Add Mazda CX-7 (2004-2009) non smart  password-free
  Add Mazda DEMIO 2014 -  Smart Key System
Optimize Chrysler 300/300C 2006-2007
(IM_CHRYSLER_07->IM_300C, Increase Security Algorithm 7F 37 Judgment)
VW IMMO add 48 chip unlock function.
TATA IMMO add the reminder 'Please ensure that the vehicle battery voltage is not less than 11.5V'
Brilliance China IMMO add H3 models PEPS system and IMMO system functions.
Mustang add Mustang T70 PEPS system, smart key matching, EMS matching, ESCL matching, PEPS matching, EMS Reset, PEPS Reset.
Mustang add Mustang T70 body system, remote control matching, read the quantity of remote control.
MG Adding:
  GS 2017 non-smart, add the key, clear the key, read the quantity of keys.
  TF remote control matching: remote control add, remote control clear, emergency password reading, read vehicle identification code.
Mercedes-Benz 163-ML-level added remote control matching, ECU reset function.

Odometer Reset:
Optimize the safe login of the Mousse models.
HYUNDAI increase I20 Elite (Elantra) odometer reset function support.
Key Renew function optimization program (precise control of the progress bar) / / modify the multi-language cfg. (Only for X300 DP/Key Master DP).
CVT learning value initialization function added the gear box matching:
1. Great Wall: COWRY,Great Wall V80; Great Wall H6(2012); Great Wall H6(2013);FLORID;COOL BEAR、Great Wall M2;VOLEEX,Great Wall C20R; Great Wall C30; Great Wall H5; Great Wall C50(2012); HAVAL H8
2. FORD/Changan Ford: 2015+ KA; B-Max(FORD MAX); EcoSport; Fiesta; Fiesta MY2013; FIGO; Focus; Fusion; Zephyr/MKZ
3. GM
(1) BUICK: Allure; Envision; LaCrosse
(2) CADILLAC: ATS; CTS; Escalade ESV; SRX; XT5
(3) CHEVROLET: Camaro; Malibu; Sail
(4) GMC: Sierra; Terrain
(5) HOLDEN: Caprice; Commodore
4. BYD: G3; F6; L3; G6; Si Rui; S7
5. CHERY: COWIN 5/EASTAR (B11); TIGGO 3(T11/T11FL); COWIN 3/A5(A21FL/A21);A3 Sedan (M11); A3 Hatchback (M12); E5(A21FL-C); ARRIZO 7(M16); TIGGO 5(T21);
     ARRIZO M7(B14FL); QQ3(S11); QQ6/ COWIN 1(S21FL/S21); A1(S12); QQme(S16)
6. Geely Automobile: EC718; EC715.

OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Update Guide

Step1:Turn on the OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD then open the Setting Menu and select Wi-Fi to connect.   

Select an available wifi and connect it

Step 2:Begin to update your device
Click on “One Key Upgrade”
Select software name and click “Bulk update”

Step 3:The update will be finished once all the vehicles have been 100% updated



1. Basic diagnostic system for Engine, Transmission ABS, airbag: 
   -OBDSTAR DP Standard Package is ok 

2. Full system diagnosis: 
   -So far OBDSTAR DP Full Package can perform full system diagnosis on only Japanese and South Korea vehicles, other vehicles will be added in the comming days. 

4. OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 does not include diagnostic system yet. 

OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Software display:


OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Tablet Power Supply Use Tips:

If you are the buyers/users of OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Tablet, please pay attention that
  1. There are 2 kinds of adapter power for OBDStar X300 DP Pad, 5V DC adapter power and 12V DV adapter power.
  2. The No.1(12V DV adapter power) is the battery charger of the adapters .The No.2 (5V DC adapter power) is the battery charger of the pad tablet.
  3. Please don't mix-use them, or it will make your device burnt.




Part 1 – Obdstar X300 DP Registration FAQs:

Q: OBDSTAR X-300DP PAD failed to register, saying “876: Sn unregistered product sale”.
A: The Obdstar engineer will help you out. Contact the dealer first!

Q: X300 dp registration failed!
A: The E-mail might be incorrect

Q: OBDSTAR X300 DP register: should i set user name and password myself?
A: Yes, please fill in user name, password, e-mail to register:

Part 2 – Obdstar X300 DP Update FAQs:

Q: Obdstar x-300 dp update error: F002: Failed to get download list!
A: Please reflash the network.

Q: Tried to update X300 DP but failed! Go to Download center, then click on the Download, but the OBDSTAR SETUP application can not be used.
A: X300 DP pad should be updated via One Key Upgrade on the pad; just click to update. it cannot be done via the PC.

Part 3 – X300 DP Obdstar Functions & Models FAQs:

Q: How to change x300 dp language?
A: Go to Settings, then Language and Input. Optional languages: English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese

Q: Can X300 DP work on brilliance V5 2013 for PIN code reading and key programming?
A: Yes, it can read pincodes and program keys without password

Q: X300 DP full configuration can reset SRS, change mileage to honda, hummer and bmw?
A:X300 DP obdstar only support Honda two models to reset SRS; and Hummer H2 2003-, H3 2005 to change mileage. For BMW, there is no solution with X300 DP.

Q: Can X300 DP program a new key to Hiace when all keys are lost? Support G and H chip?
A: It support Hiace immobilizer after the year 2006. the G chip is supported.
For Toyota H chip, 72 pin is supported; for 8A chip, it needs to replace the immo box.

Q: X300 DP:Does this support 2016 Dodge ramn1500 With the mileage correction? Does it change just the digital display or the internal computer as well?
A: Sorry, the 2016 model is note available now.

Q: X300DP: Can read pin code for Hyundai by Obd2
A: Sorry, it can’t ..

Q: X300 DP: Can do reset immo for Toyota H key?
A: Yes, you can do it.

Q: Toyota Corolla 2005 (120 chassis) and all keys are lost using obdstar x300 dp… is it ok?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it work on a 2015 chrysler 200 to reprogram ecu
A: No, this model cannot be supported now.

Q: Can i use chrysler pin code OBD read by X300 DP Obdstar to program a smart key to Nissan 2012 when it lost all keys.
A: Yes, you can have a try.

Q: OBDSTAR X300 DP supports bmw 550 d 2016?
A: It depends on the type of its dashboard.

OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Packing list

1.Key Master DP tablet computer
2.5V DC adapter power (battery charger of the pad tablet)
3.12V DV adapter power (battery charger of the adapter)
5.Adapter board
6.USB cable
7.OBD15P main cable
10.OBD II-16
12.Product Certification
13.User's Manual


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OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Android Tablet Full Version do Immobilizer Mileage adjustment EEPROM/PIC OBDII
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